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High Performance Software For Validating, Editing and Splitting XML Documents Of Any Size

We make XML fast. Companies use our XML products because of the unmatched speed with large files, flexibility and reliability in demanding production environments. Quickly process your largest XML files. Be amazed, amazing and more productive.

One firm edited a 270 GB XML file with XMLMax.
 Another split a 113 GB file. Check out our performance tests and listen to our customers:

"I found XMLMax to be a very quick and easy way to view large (~2GB) XML files. Further, Xponent's XmlSplit product solved a problem I had importing these large XML files into a database."
Stephen Cann, Uptick Data, San Francisco, CA. All testimonials...
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Windows XP and later
Installer < 1 MB
Our Products
xmlmax xml editor  XMLMax XML Editor

Validate, Edit & Search Any Size XML Learn more

  • • Fast XML treeview for any size file.

  • • No database or indexing.

  • •   Never loads entire file in memory. Details....

  • •  Schema validation, error location and fixing.

  • • Global search & replace strings, illegal characters.

  • •  Performance never degrades with file size.

  • •  All editing features available regardless of XML size.

XmlSplit Tool  XmlSplit

Split XML With Script Or Wizard Learn more

bloated xml
  • • Splits files into small, well-formed XML.

  • • Wizard creates command-line, PS, and WSH scripts.

  • • Split from a script or directly from the Wizard.

  • • Multiple methods and options control where to split.

  • • Insert or append external files.

  • • Tiny memory footprint. Works with files of any size.

  • •  Read how a customer split a 113 GB XML here...

Testimonials & Reviews

"We have purchased the license for XmlSplit. The program creates exactly the xml files we need, including the XmlDeclaration. A file of 2.5 GB was processed without any problems - and in a very reasonable time."

Johan Van Loon, TMB Bookshop, Belgium.

"Your editor does an excellent job with files that my primary XML editor will not load in a reasonable time. I was viewing files having 700,000-800,000 nodes. XMLMax opened and displayed these files quickly and efficiently."

Ken White, LegalXtraNet, San Antonio, TX

From a 2009 Review of XMLMax:

" Recently I came across a tool that was very helpful in the review of large XML documents…..REALLY large xml documents…..Hundreds of megabytes and more! In the years I’ve been working with XML, every so often I come across a document that I can’t read, can’t process, or can’t otherwise easily research for a data integration application. The tools I usually employ either hit errors or take forever to open while parsing thru thousands upon thousands of elements and attributes. "  

Ernie Ostic, http://www.dsrealtime.com

Read all customer testimonials...

Our customers are in over twenty countries and range from large firms like Dow Jones, Wells Fargo Bank and Volkswagon, to smaller ones such as TMB Bookshop, DataSign and Uptick Data.
They include the following:

St. Ives    siemens    takeda    W.L. Gore    Access Bank    Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH    dubli   sdl   dow jones    entergy   talanx   indeed   Fujitsu    weston    trilliant    airdata    ARI Fleet    kiln    patriot    NIH    wells fargo bank    allen marshall consulting                                                                                                                                                                        
Performance Tests

The tables below give the time it took to fully parse each listed XML file and load it into XMLMax's treeview. XMLMax uses Microsoft's XmlReader to parse XML. Times are also given for opening each file with the VIM (vim.org) and Notepadd++ (notepad-plus-plus.org) text editors and navigating to the end of the file. Note that text editors do not check for XML syntax errors.

Stackoverflow.com Files1
NameSizeLoad Time (mm:ss)
badges.xml98 MB00:02 00:0302:45
votes.xml849 MB 00:06 00:54Failed4
posts.xml4.6 GB 00:31Failed4Failed4

Wikipedia.org Files2
NameSizeLoad Time (mm:ss)
enwiki-latest-pages-articles10.xml161 MB00:03 00:27 00:57
enwiki-latest-pages-articles1.xml411 MB00:05 00:46Failed4
enwiki-latest-pages-articles11.xml2.92 GB00:16Failed4Failed4

Open Street Map Files3
NameSizeLoad Time (mm:ss)
europe-latest.osm270 GB23:14 Failed Failed

Tests were conducted on a desktop PC with Windows 8.1 Professional 64 bit, 8 GB RAM, Intel i7 3.5 GHz processor and Intel 520 series SSD disk.
1. http://blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/06/stack-overflow-creative-commons-data-dump/
2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Database_download
3. http://download.geofabrik.de/europe-latest.osm.bz2
4. "Failed" indicates the program ran out of memory or failed to load the file within thirty minutes.

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