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Our Story

In 2009 I started Xponentsoftware.com because I was unable to find an editor able to load large XML files. A tree view is the preferred interface for XML and I recognized early on that a new type of tree view would be needed in order to browse and edit huge XML files with good performance and low memory consumption.

The solution was to develop a new type of tree view control using buffering and caching that could display only the elements in view, fully expanded. It must be able to load a partial, or unbalanced, XML fragment, yet be able to navigate the entire document. Our design resulted in enormous performance and memory savings since even the largest XML file could be segmented at entirely arbitrary nodes in the file. See our article on large XML tree views.

Our Passion

We have worked with large XML documents for several years and share our customers past frustrations with big XML files. We are committed to delivering software that efficiently processes the largest XML files. We are strong believers that it is critical to listen to customers and address their needs. XmlSplit resulted from customer requests for splitting big XML files. We welcome all feedback and would enjoy hearing from you.

Our Goal

We want to help every company that is struggling with big XML files. There are a lot more than we initially realized. Companies like Volkswagen, Dow Jones International, Marisol International, as well as smaller companies have an ongoing need to process gigabyte-size files.

Xponent is located in Boise, Idaho. To call, write or e-mail us, please visit our contact page.

Bill Conniff is the founder of Xponent LLC. He previously founded MicroEase in 1987 which developed LegalBase, an integrated database and full text search system for litigation support. LegalBase was used by many law firms and corporate legal departments in major litigations, most notably by Cooper Labs for the gel implant case.

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