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Our Story

We design software that makes it easier to work with extremely large XML files, including ones in the multi-gigabyte range. Working with huge XML files in the past was difficult because there were no tools designed specifically for them. Awk and sometimes C languate coding were often used.

For browsing, editing, validating, and searching big XML, we created a treeview able to handle such enormous files. It is unique in its ability to contain only a partial, or unbalanced, XML fragment at one time, yet is able to navigate the entire document. The result is a treeview that uses little memory and provides high performance even for XML files over one hundred gigabytes. Many of our customer use such large files such as this one.

Our Passion

We have worked with la rge XML documents for several years so we understand our customers' issues with big XML files. We are committed to delivering software that efficiently processes the largest XML files. We are strong believers that it is critical to listen to customers and address their needs. Our XmlSplit product resulted from customer requests for splitting big XML files. We welcome all feedback and would enjoy hearing from you.

Our Goal

We want to help every company that is faced with handling with big XML files. There are a lot more than we initially realized. Companies like Volkswagen, Dow Jones International, Marisol International, as well as smaller companies have an ongoing need to process gigabyte-size files.

Xponent is located in Boise, Idaho. To call, write or e-mail us, please visit our contact page.

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