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Maintenance and Support for XMLMax and XmlSplit

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Purchase of a software license automatically includes one year Maintenance and Support. After the first year, an annual Maintenance and Support contract may be purchased.

Maintenance and Support contracts are purchased with a term of one year. If there is a current support contract it may be renewed at any time prior to the end of the current term and the new term begins the day after the current one ends so there is no lapse in coverage. The price is twenty-five (25) percent of the price of the purchased software product.

Maintenance  and Support contracts include:

Xponent's policy is to fix significant bugs as soon as possible after they are reported and to release a patch update without waiting for the next scheduled major update.

Without a maintenance contract customers are entitled to:

Examples of technical support services include help with installation and license activation, questions about the features of the software and bug reports. Customers may report any problem they encounter with the use of the software. If Xponent is able to reproduce the problem and determines that it impacts the usability of the software, Xponent will make a reasonable effort to resolve the problem, which may include offering a workaround solution or, at our discretion, an update version of the software. Technical support does not include explanation of the eXtensible Markup Language (XML), help with construction of XPath queries and XSLT, or assistance with computer programming, scripting or basic computer functionality.

Xponent's software licenses do not expire.

If the machine or hard drive the software was installed on is replaced, the software may be installed on the replacement machine. If customer has maintained ongoing support then a new installer for the latest version may be downloaded. Otherwise, replacement installers for older versions may not be available and customer is responsible for backing up the original installer.

How to Purchase Only Maintenance and Support

If you wish to purchase another year of support, you may purchase it at any time. As noted above, continuous support is required for downloading the latest version of the software.

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