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Customer Testimonials

"XMLMax is the fastest XML viewer for XML’s of size 500MB and above and I am really impressed."

Aaron Wedesweiler, Data Lead, Flight Planning System Replacement Program (FPFUTURE), Operations Support, Qantas Airways Limited

"Are you tired of waiting several minutes for your favorite XML editor to try and open and edit large XML files, only to tell you that the editor has failed or hung up as the size of the file has exceeded the maximum? Then XMLMax is the solution!
I discovered XMLMax while looking for a tool to help us recover from a critical issue caused by errors in a huge XML feed from an outside vendor. XMLMax was the only editor I could find which could quickly open, edit and repair a huge XML feed in excess of 1 GB. XMLMax saved our implementation go-live and has helped me resolve many high profile issues. XMLMax is my go to, never fail tool any time I encounter XML errors. I liked this application so much, that I purchased the product on my own and later applied for reimbursement from my company.
To summarize, XMLMax is bullet proof, easy to use and fast. XMLMax never fails to open, edit, quickly identify and repair errors in XML files. It is one of my favorite tools and has become indispensable."

Corey Flett, Senior Systems Integrator, Investors Group, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"We were facing an unusual situation in which we have to extract information from a 113 GB ( GB not MB) xml file, it’s a very large one, I’ve tried a lot of tools trying to manipulate that file without success, even trying to open it was quite impossible most of the time, so we were far from extracting data.

Some people told me that my best bet was to split this file, and it makes me discover XmlSplit, before purchasing license, I’ve ask their customer support if XmlSplit was able handle and split a 113 GB file, their answer was YES. I purchased the license and I tried to accomplish my task. And “WOW” it works fine, my huge file was split and those split files were XML State of the Art, and I was able to sub split those resulting files. We were very happy about XMLSPLIT, it’s awesome! I recommend XMLSPLIT as a very powerful and reliable XML tool."

Jean Pierre Rafeno , U-Songs.com, QC, Canada

" I was facing a thorny problem of splitting up data from several large files of identical information generated from geographic subsets of a large State's highway bridge inventory. The files are relatively shallow XML-wise, but have lots of records. The data needed to be loaded into a new database but I found that the source files were just too big for the import utility to manage. With XmlSplit, I was able to chop the files into manageable subsets automatically using a simple batch file, without pain. I never had to actually open the files to edit them at all. XmlSplit saved me many hours of work. While the concept of splitting XML files into smaller chunks is simple from a conceptual perspective, actually writing a utility to do this chopping would have been a horror-show and blown my budget. The support staff is highly responsive and has addressed all my questions to my complete satisfaction. Recommended!"

Allen Marshall, Allen R. Marshall Consulting LLC, Public Infrastructure Management Consultant, allenrmarshall-consulting-llc.com

"We have purchased the license for XmlSplit. The program creates exactly the xml files we need, including the XmlDeclaration. A file of 2.5 GB was processed without any problems - and in a very reasonable time."

Johan Van Loon, TMB Bookshop, Belgium.

"I had to import from a 46 GB XML file containing information about all Danish cars, an XML file which I could not open in any way. XMLSplit was the tool, that gave me bits of about 1.5 GB, which can be read with standard SAX based tools. As I could not open even the start of the file, I had no clue to how to use the XMLSplit program. The support from Xponent is second to none, and told me that the Viewer could open the xml file, and we found the solution, which was to split on level 2. The XMLSplit solved a problem, which had been unsolvable for us for 6 months for a real minor investment. I can really recommend this excellent piece of software."

Edvard Korsbæk, Senior Developer, Datasign A/S, Denmark.

"I have requirements to open large XML files(1-3 GB), validate them and split them into small files. I came across XMLMax and it was the exact tool I was looking for. It is exceptionally fast in opening very large files and most reliable when validating files. Customer support is EXCELLENT."

Sudhir Baddam, Test Manager, Fujitsu, Canberra, Australia.

"XMLSplit has saved me immense amounts of time in working with large, unruly XML files. The interface is easy to use, and the program itself is quick and concise. All I can say is XMLSplit is awesome!"

Jason Descamps, Chief Information Officer, Marisol International, Springfield, MO USA.

"Your editor does an excellent job with files that my primary XML editor will not load in a reasonable time. I was viewing files having 700,000-800,000 nodes. XMLMax opened and displayed these files quickly and efficiently."

Ken White, LegalXtraNet, San Antonio, TX

"I found XMLMax to be a very quick and easy way to view large (~2GB) XML files. Further, Xponent's XmlSplit product solved a problem I had importing these large XML files into a database. This tool splits them into smaller, well-formed XML files that can be processed by other tools. XmlSplit can be run from within a PowerShell script with a host of input arguments. It provides the flexibility to extract almost any XML fragments required into a smaller XML file. These are great tools to keep in your toolbox when working with XML."

Stephen Cann, Uptick Data, San Francisco.

"I used XmlSplit to quickly split very large XML files (up to 5GB in size and more than 1 million nodes). I spent some time researching different solutions that were available, including writing my own parsing utility. All I can say, is that I was relieved when I finally found Xponent's XMLSplit utility.

XMLSplit does not disappoint and definitely worth every penny. XMLSplit chews through very large XML files quickly and reliably; it can be executed from the command line and provides numerous output file options to meet the most demanding file splitting requirements.

Even if you do not want to split the file, you can use the Include/Append file functionality and other options to modify your source XML file to create an output file format to meet any number of other custom requirements. The new wizard provides a flexible and quick way for developers or administrators to generate the correct command line scripts in either WSH, WPS, or standard DOS command line script depending on your file splitting requirements.

Both XMLMax and XMLSplit have only been improved and made better since my initial purchase. Product feedback is always well received and customer service is beyond excellent. If you have a requirement to split any size XML file, especially very large XML files, XMLMax and XMLSplit are essential accessories for your XML development arsenal."

Adam Smythe, Solutions Architect, Impendo, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"If you work with large XML files and you are tired of waiting for your data to load into your favorite editor or maybe not load at all, try XMLMax!!! Not only does it load fast, but it moves through your large files quickly and seamlessly. Try loading a 1.1 GB file in less than 10 seconds. It's a great tool for managing large XML datasets."

Bret Godwin, Senior Software Engineer, Sysynergy Solutions, Denver,CO

" Recently I came across a tool that was very helpful in the review of large XML documents…..REALLY large xml documents…..Hundreds of megabytes and more! In the years I’ve been working with XML, every so often I come across a document that I can’t read, can’t process, or can’t otherwise easily research for a data integration application. The tools I usually employ either hit errors or take forever to open while parsing thru thousands upon thousands of elements and attributes. "  

Ernie Ostic, http://www.dsrealtime.com

" I purchased XMLMax in order to perform fast XSLT transforms on large XML files involving multiple lookups across the document tree - it runs in half an hour a transform that simply killed every other solution I tried. So I am happy with performance thank you. "  

Chris Hilder, Information Architect, Southlink Health, Dunedin, New Zealand